Ninio Coniglio Story: Chef Makes Dough Like An Acrobat [VIDEO]


There is something iconic about the sight of a pizza being tossed and thrown into the air by chefs.

Throwing and tossing it is actually very important part of the pizza making process. It's the most effective and gentile way to form the crust.

Although not all chef toss their dough, putting a show and looking cools is just a side benefit that will impress friends and food lovers to be interested to know the story behind how food is made.

Ninio Coniglio is one chef who loves to demonstrates his award-winning acrobatics. There's nothing more important in bringing extra joy to guests in his restaurant and giving them more than the yummy and tasty pizza.

Take a look at this video to see his acrobatics moves while preparing for the dough.

It sure will make you drop your jaw aside from the mouth-watering reaction in eating the pizza.

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