Some people choose money over happiness, but some people would rather be happy - leading a "less-comfortable" life. However, if you're rich, you can use money to find ways to make yourself feel better.

Everyone would rather be happy than miserable, everyone, regardless of what they say. The reason people answer differently than this is because they have a lot of experience knowing how money relates to happiness.

A Plus, a technology-based digital media company based in New York City, asked several children if they'd rather be successful because they were rich or because they were happy, and their answers are perfect. Kids say the most ridiculous things - but sometimes they offer some serious insight. A Plus played "Would You Rather" with kids ages 3 to 11 to see if they had anything to teach us adults.

One sassy little girl explains, "Success means happiness." She also says she'd much rather have friends than all the money in the world. "I love my friends and I come to them every single day! Except a school day."