Dance Videos: Mahomet Seymour High School Delivers Competes With No Music [VIDEO]

Doing dance moves can help express what we feel and what our body language say, such as performing sexy dances, inspirational dances or any group dance that exhibits a message through a routine performance.

Take a look at the ladies of Mahomet Seymour Dance Team they are the kind of performers who do things differently. While many high school dance troupes like to perform their routines to today’s famous pop songs, this team does the other way around.

For the Mahomet Seymour Dance Team, they are not afraid of going with the unconventional and using their performances to send a real message about confidence and fearlessness to their peers and audiences.

In this amazing routine posted to YouTube in February 2016, according to the website, the Mahomet Seymour Dance Team spins, twirls, and leaps their way through a spoken word piece entitled “What Are You Afraid Of?” by Jon Jorgenson. The 14 dancers stun the crowd — and the internet at large — with their interpretive dance that perfectly syncs up with the powerful lyrics.

Take a look at these jaw-dropping-routines as the high school dancers turn around to reveal a quick change the crowd never sees coming. See for yourself the video below!

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