Miracle Baby 2016: Infant Gets Cure From Baby Brother After 16 Years [VIDEO]

When a woman becomes a mother all she has to do is to make sure that her baby is in good health. In Lisa Gropp’s case, her son got sick at two years old. When the doctor’s gave out a diagnosed of his son’s health, it turned out something she did not expect.

Her son had “no future” — his medical issues, including the diagnosis of Kostmann’s syndrome, would leave him unable to fight infections unless we could get a bone marrow transplant. According to its website, his life would be led in isolation, in hospitals, suffering through chemotherapy and other trials that would hopefully cure him.

After Lisa did all that she could do such as travelling to other countries just to find a match for her son’s bone marrow, as no one in the family could donate.

Then eventually, Lisa got the news that would change her and family’s lives forever. Much to her surprise, she was pregnant with another son. After testing the cells from his umbilical cord, they discovered that he was a perfect match for his brother!

There, the doctors were willing to go through with all the procedures that ultimately saved Derek’s life!
The teenager’s health is expected to improve, and in no time, he’ll be able to live a life like any other — a miracle!

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