Debby Ryan News: Actress Gives Words Of Wisdom To Couples In Toxic Relationships For Valentine's Day [VIDEO]

Valentine's Day is around the corner, but that doesn't mean all couples will experience real love.

Debby Ryan Gives Advice On Getting Over Heartbreak

In an interview with Teen Vogue on Saturday, actress Debby Ryan opened up on how people tend to take the wrong message when they're with someone they have strong feelings for. As a former victim of toxic abuse in a relationship, Ryan mentioned the kinds of messages that should be given to people especially with the holiday of love coming up.

"I think with Valentine's Day it's easy for people to lower a lot of standards, or redefine what they think love is and redefine things as 'well if I just hang out with this person a couple of times...' or 'they're not my boyfriend' or 'they make me feel bad about myself and pressure me into doing things I'm not comfortable doing and they monitor my social media and look over my phone' things like that...that is a different form of emotional and mental and social and verbal abuse that is not okay," Ryan explained.

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This is the time of year that people should have words of wisdom on what it really means to be in a loving relationship.

"I think that around Valentine's Day especially, it is important to talk about and bring awareness to remind people that if someone makes you feel loved they make you stronger and better," Ryan said. "That's what love is."

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