Gizelle Bryant is just one of the ladies holding it down for the single moms on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Potomac. But things don’t go as well as she hoped when she steps back into the dating world.

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She meets up with a man named Herman, and while he looks ecstatic to see her beauty, she might not be so impressed. She said it is their second date with the man who once ran for Congress.

“I don’t just date la-di-da-dee anybody...,” she said, pointing out that scrubs are not on her radar.

Drama Heats Up For Ladies Of ‘RHOP’

Things with Herman get a little awkward when they toast to their second date, and he implies he would like them to have several more. Like, enough that will last forever.

“Forever…Whoo..No. Pump your brakes. Slow your roll. Back it all the way up.”

He then tries to feed Bryant when the food arrives. But she points out that he needs to get a little more style to meet her taste.

“Herman is a nice upstanding on paper great guy. But in the flesh, we working with Herman. We’re working with his swag. I need a little edge. Just tell me you spent one night in jail. And then we’re good.”

As for Herman, he was concerned he was going to “go home smelling like plants.”

Check out the teaser below.

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