Broad City Jokes: 6 Times Ilana & Abbi Dropped Some Funny Truth

Broad City, the brilliant and hilarious show from the minds of Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson kicks off its third season on Comedy Central tonight. And while the show is pretty much universally recognized as perfect reflection of twenty-something life in New York, a vanguard of millennial humor and an encapsulation of female friendship, it’s also a truth bomb factory.

You may have only noticed once or twice, in between the jokes about hiding weed in vaginas and ridiculous rounds of sexual “Would You Rather?”, but the show has actually made some pretty solid observations about gender, race and sexuality...that were also some pretty funny jokes (obviously).

Here are six examples of Broad City telling it like is.

Ilani Predicts A Post-Racial, Sexually Fluid Future

In the episode “Lockout”, the girls find themselves locked out of Ilana’s apartment and have the creepy locksmith let them into her neighbor's place so he doesn’t know where she lives. The two take in an obvious Latino family’s home and the subject of gentrification comes up, to which Ilana brushes off Abbi’s concerns with her theory that none of it will matter because in a few generations race and sexual preference will be so mixed differences won’t be noticeable.

Abbi & Ilana Shrug Off The Third World

We all know that there’s immense suffering in the world and we all put blinders on to avoid thinking about it. It’s a fact of living the first world that’ perfectly illustrated in this moment at a posh New York party in the episode "Fattest Asses", when the waiters serving horderves remind guests of people starving elsewhere in the world and our heroines openly apply our everyday attitude as a response.

Abbi & Ilana Have The Perfect Response To Being Told To Smile

Women being told by strangers to smile isn’t exactly a new thing, but it’s getting attention now because it’s kind of ridiculous in this day in age that any man thinks it’s okay to say that to a woman. And in the the season two finale, the ladies of Broad City show what is probably the best response when told they should smile.

The Whole Gang Acknowledges Slavery

This moment from “Citizen Ship”, in which Abbi, Ilana, Lincoln and Jamie are out celebrating Jamie passing his U.S. citizenship test, is probably the funniest and most honest acknowledgement that there are people in America today who are the direct descendents of slaves. It’s not an argument for reparations, but it does a lot more than most white Americans have ever done.

Abbi Isn’t Bothered By Non-Traditional Sexuality (Yes, We’re Talking About Pegging)

From the very first episode, we saw Abbi pine for her across the hall neighbor Jeremy. And then in Season two’s "Knockoffs" she finally winds up in bed with the bearded artisan. But then he brings up his desire to be penetrated by Abbi with a strapon dildo. Yeah, it’s a comic situation, but the fact that an episode's major storyline was all about reversed gender sex is kind of a big deal. Abbi’s a little thrown, of course, but in the end (and with some encouragement from Ilana) she goes through with it.

Ilana Shapes A Young Mind

Ilana has a babysitter probably doesn’t strike many as something that’s a good fit. But in the episode “Kirk Steele”, we (and Abbi) find out about about Ilana’s occasional gig watching Oliver, the child of upper-class Manhattanites. Sure, she enjoys the extra money, but Ilana does it more to teach Oliver the lessons that privileged white men don’t get. Why? So he can turns into something other than “another useless, rich, old white man.”

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