Audi 2016: Japan Debuts Special Edition A8 With Built-In Rice Cooker [VIDEO]


In 2014, Audi premiered their flagship car, the Audi A8 to achieve mature market excellence of Japan’s import automobile industry. In addition to the lineup of A8 3.0/4.0, Audi debuts the “5.5” model, exclusive only in Japan. To respond to the high demands of customers, Audi A8 5.5 strives to aim for the most satisfying model using world class, advanced technologies. The model name 5.5 was inspired from 5(five) Go and 0.5(half) Han, coming from the term gohan, which means rice in Japanese.

As Japan has a rice-eating culture, the Audi A8 5.5 features the world’s first rice cooker in the rear sheet console. The rice cooker is exclusively designed on the basis of the unique performance of Audi A8's 435PS/600Nm. From the intense heat convection inside the broad-brimmed Japanese rice cooking pot called, Hagama, it can generate heat directly from the core, cooking the perfect rice for you.

Additionally, owners can select multiple cooking options with the touch screen menu panel. Through Audi’s refined, innovative technology, each and every owner can now customize any rice to their own taste of preference! So advanced, right?

Moreover, Audi’s innovative aesthetics creates the most comfortable atmosphere fitted for the Japanese climate. The 2,990mm long wheelbase interior is designed with tatami made out of the finest rush suitable for high temperature and the humidity in Japan.

So, basing on the features said above, we're guessing you want an A8 5.5, right? I know, I do!

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