Longmire author Craig Johnson discusses what "sealed the deal" for him when Robert Taylor auditioned to play the titular character in the TV show.

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Johnson spoke with Colorado Public Radio recently and spoke about the moment he knew Taylor was perfect to play Walt Longmire in the Longmire TV show.

"I think it kind of sealed the deal for me when he took his hat off in the audition," he said. "It's the part where he's going into this woman's house, he's never met her before, doesn't know her, and he actually took his hat off when he met her and I thought 'this is probably our guy.' So I was kind of on board with Robert Taylor at that point."

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Johnson also discussed how he creates a mystery narrative in his Longmire books, which have kept readers compelled for years now.

"One of my favorites, Tony Hillerman, used to say, 'I just start in and see where it goes.' That just scares the living daylights out of me. There's no way I'd ever do that," he admitted. "It would be like you and I jumping in my truck out there and saying, 'Let's go to Baltimore, but let's not take a map.' I would say, you know, 'Why don't we take a map even if we don't use it? Let's have it in the glove box there just in case we do need it.'"

The author did not give any indication of when Longmire would return for season 5, though the Netflix series has been renewed, so fans will definitely be getting new episodes in the near to distant future.