CSI: Cyber star Bow Wow has responded to rumors that he got another singer, Keyshia Cole, pregnant; fresh off of his split with reality star Erica Mena as well as Mena’s latest interview in which she confirmed her claims that he physically abused her.

 Bow Wow On If He’s Dating Keyshia Cole, Erica Mena Snaps At ‘Little Runt’

Bow Wow went off on Hip Hollywood, who spoke to Mena this week about her statements. He took to Facebook and said he was cutting ties with the site. (See the interview that caused his rant below)

As for the Cole rumors, he responded to one fan who asked Friday, “you really got keyshia cole pregnant or is it a rumor?”

 WATCH: Erica Mena Defends Claims That Bow Wow Physically Abused Her

He added the following tweet.

Interestingly enough, he dished on what he wants in a woman just hours before.

And he also went on a brief rant about “bum chicks” that seemed to fire shots at Mena.
“These chicks is bums, go get you a REAL one. If she cant do for you she worthless. I don’t mean bringing home 350 you made off IG either”

As for Mena specifically, one fan asked why he got into a romance with her to begin with. “What you mean? At one point she was a woman I loved. Can’t fault me for that. Next question”

He also told one fan he was “amused” by the rumors that is currently going on about him.

But it looks like he’s not ready to settle down just yet.

He also had a word to say about the song he and his famous ex-girlfriend Ciara made together more than ten years ago.

But he didn’t want to answer the question of whether he is on the market now.

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