Russell Wilson Update: Seattle Seahawks Star Gets Mocked For His Disneyland Weekend With Fiance Ciara? [VIDEO]

He might be one of the biggest stars in the NFL, but his personal life seems to be garnering more headlines these days than his hustle on the field. Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson is getting mocked for his relationship with his fiancé Ciara and their recent outing to Disneyland with the singer's son this past weekend.

The Seattle Pi insisted that the star quarterback must "really really love rollercoasters" as he's spending his off-season playing happy family with Ciara and her son Future Zahir Wilburn for the paparazzi at various theme and attraction parks.

The site wrote, "Wilson is seen yelling at the start of a roller coaster at California Adventure Park. He also wasn't afraid to don the Mickey Mouse 'Fantasia' hat or push around the stroller."

Yet, some comments from fans critics include, "Who cares what Russell does or where he goes!! Why is this even news-worthy?!! Are you at PI so desperate for filling in space online that you need to keep bringing his name up AD NASEUM?!!! I DON'T GIVE DAMN about this over-rated QB!!"

Another reader wrote, "The UW women's basketball team is in the Final Four for the National Championship, but the local "sports writers" join the rest of the media in focusing on off-season antics of a losing football quarterback and his celibate fiancee. Disgusting."

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