The drama has already exploded on part one of the The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion special on Bravo. And now that a first look at part two has been released, it’s definitely safe to say the drama continues for the ladies of the network’s latest Real Housewives franchise.

Katie Rost hints that something is up between her and her longtime boyfriend when he decides not to show up for the reunion. But he’s not the guy who caught the most heat.

Ashley Darby’s husband, Michael’s sexuality becomes a topic of conversation as well.

Robyn Dixon brought up a moment from the season and said her ex-husband Juan would, “Knock Michael on the floor if he grabbed his butt.”
Darby was unbothered and rolled her eyes.

Gizelle Bryant also answered whether she thinks Michael is secretly homosexual.

“It’s not of my business,” she said.

But it looked like Michael could hold his own and told off Karen Huger.

“You have no etiquette,” he said, referring to Huger’s huge stance on the importance of it.

Huger clapped back and asked, “Are you one of the woman? Do you have a dress on?”

While Dixon and Rost’s conversation on race got ugly in part one, it continues in part two as Rost makes it clear she’s not going to make her daughters check an ethnicity “box” when they get older.

Charrisse Jackson Jordan’s marriage is also a topic of conversation as she accuses Bryant of being a liar.

See the full teaser below and catch the full episode at a new time on Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo.