After reports claimed that Kanye West had plans to name his first child North West, his pregnant girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, debunked the rumor and shared a baby name she has in mind.

Kardashian appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday to promote her film Temptation and was asked about the baby name rumors.

"North is not on our list," the Kourtney & Kim Take Miami star told Leno. "We have a list. And some of them are 'K'names some of them aren't," she explained. "But you know what name I do like - but it probably won't be on [our list]... I like Easton - Easton West - I think that's cute."

She also said it's unlikely that the couple will allow E! to record her giving birth for Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Her older sister, Kourtney Kardashian, recorded the birth of her second child Penelope for the network and it was aired on the show's season finale last year.

"I don't even think I'll have a camcorder. I don't even know if I would want that as a memory," Kim told the late night talk show host. "Although, there's always a chance. I don't know. I might change my mind."

Kim said it was difficult to tell her sister Khloe Kardashian-Odom the news that she had conceived with West because Khloe had been experiencing difficulty getting pregnant. So she asked Kourtney to join her in sharing her good news.

"I had Kourtney come with me to tell Khloe because I was a little nervous, because I know she really really really wants a baby. So I felt like I'm gonna need some moral support to tell her. And she was so happy!" Kim recalled. "But I was really nervous to tell her. And she kind of got mad that I was nervous -- she thought it was ridiculous."

Kim has been rumored to give birth to a baby girl in July. Her next film, Tyler Perry's Temptation, arrives in theaters on Friday.

Watch Kim discuss her baby and her sisters on Tonight Show below.