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Leno Gas Station Prank [VIDEO]: Singing Performance Gets Couple Free Tank of Gas and Appearance on The Tonight Show

Tonight Show host Jay Leno's gas station prank has gone viral, but not due to concept, but the prank's subjects. Will Sims, a man with an incredible singing voice, and his wife, Monifa Sims, dying of laughterin the car. The video of the California couple has gone viral due to Will's incredible singing voice. In Leno's gas station prank, a fake news report plays at the pump while Will Sims pumps gas. Suddenly, the faux-anchor starts talking to Sims, who is singing to himself while his gas pumps. The fake-anchor says that the couple's gas will be free if he performs a specific song. Will agrees, and as "an 80s kid," he chooses Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer."
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