Omarosa Fired: 'Celebrity Apprentice All Star' 2013 Season 6 Shocking Elimination Of Trump Favorite (VIDEO)

There was a surprise elimination on Sunday's Celebrity Apprentice All Star. Donald Trump shocked viewers when he fired Omarosa Manigault.

"I adore you," Trump told Manigault in the boardroom. "We've had tremendous success together. You helped make The Apprentice. You helped to make me a star."

"But..." Trump added. "Omarosa, you're fired."

Manigault ended up in the board room after rapper Lil' Jon and actress Lisa Rinna were assigned project managers during the episode's weekly competition and the rapper lost. Manigault was on the Yeah! singer's team. Both teams were assigned the task of reachimg out to their celebrity friends to raise money for charity.

Rinna's team raised $225,000 and Lil' John won $179, 500. Manigault, not surprisingly, turned on her project manager and said he should be fired for his "laid back" approach. When he was asked to bring two people back with him to the board room, Jon brought Manigault and Dennis Rodman with him for the final verbal debate in front of Trump, his son and Piers Morgan.

Morgan and Manigault had several heated discussions throughout the episode and in thh board room. After Trump fired her, Manigault said in the car ride from Trump Tower to the airport that she "knew that people would be gunning for (her.)"

In episode 3, Manigault had an argument with former cast member LaToya Jackson, who was her project manager at the time, after Jackson asked Manigault to "please be quiet."

"Oh no no, you not gonna tell me to be quiet," Manigault replied.

"I want you to be quiet," Jackson told her.

"You better be respectful...Don't ever tell me to be quiet LaToya, you're project manager," Manigault fired back.

Jackson wouldn't stop talking so Manigault raised her voice and said:

"Look, you're gonna be respectful and you're not gonna disrespect me so let's get this straight! Let me tell you something Latoya, don't ever be disrespectful and tell someone to be quiet," she added. "Don't ever tell someone to be quiet Latoya, that's being disrespectful...Look at good leadership. Good leadership is not being disrespectful," Manigault told Jackson who is this week's project manager. "I will take you down...I will take you down, if you disrespect me," Manigault threatened.

Jackson was fired at the end of episode 3 for not being clever enough to bring Manigault back into the board room after she lost that week's challenge. Jackson, clearly devastated about the firing, became so upset that she said Manigault's late fiance "died from a heart attack and (Manigault) may have been the one that caused it." Following her remarks, the Apprentice alum's attorney plans to file a law suit.

Manigault's attorney said the day after epeiode 3 aired that Jackson's comments that "Manigault caused her fiancé Michael Clarke Duncan to die, is false, vicious and defamatory."

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