Teen Wolf's young werewolves will find their lives turned upside down once more when season 6 howls into existence with a grueling mix of unexpected reveals, alliances, and loss, that ever-present specter.

Three months will elapse between the death of the Beast and the season 6 premiere. For Scott's (Tyler Posey) pack, those days of quiet teenage life will prove to be nothing more than a fleeting respite from Beacon Hills' supernatural underground. A new threat is coming, and the Alpha's ragtag pack will need to rise to the occasion once more to battle a whole new mythology.

Filming for season 6 kicked off earlier this month, and Melissa Ponzio (Mrs. McCall) furnished us with the following teasers on Thursday:

If you're wondering what new baddie will stock the morgue this time around, the answer is two fold. On one hand, there is the Dread Doctor's Nazi werewolf. On the other, there is a new haunting mythology.

"[The Nazi werewolf] will be lurking about Season 6 and causing a lot of trouble. It may actually allow us to explore another episode in WWII," series creator Jeff Davis told TV Guide. "There will be another threat that is worrisome. That has to do with the different mythology that we're exploring for Season 6...We're big fans of genre in the writer's room. With Season 5b we said, 'This is going to be a monster movie.' With Season 6 we have a very clear idea that it's going to be a ghost story."

There is no word on how Dylan O'Brien's (Stiles) Maze Runner injuries and filming will affect the Teen Wolf storyline.

Return to Beacon Hills when Teen Wolf returns to MTV later this year.