'One Punch Man' Season 2 News And Rumors: Why 'Civil War' Scenario Does Not Make Sense [VIDEO]

The second season of the hit anime series One Punch Man is already making waves even before it is released. Recently, fans were treated to a series of speculations which alleged that Yusuke Murata, the artist of the manga remake and a prominent personality in the creation of the anime, is already starting work on One Punch Man Season 2.

Unsurprisingly, the news has gotten fans very excited. After all, with the immense success of the anime's first season, it would make sense to start the next season while public interest remains high. Unfortunately, the manga is not progressing quickly enough, which might result in a lack of material for the anime's second season.

Thus, numerous rumors have emerged that the second season might explore several aspects of the story in order to make Season 2 complete. Apart from the speculation that One Punch Man Season 2 would focus on titular character Saitama's origins, rumors have also emerged that the second season would feature a Civil War-esque arc, where the hero Blast would start recruiting heroes in order to create a counter organization to the Heroes Association.

Some rumors even explore this speculation further, alleging that Saitama would end up staying with the Heroes Association while his protege Genos would end up on the other side.

As much as the premise is interesting enough, however, such a storyline would not fit well at all with One Punch Man's theme and style. After all, part of One Punch Man's appeal is its lighthearted storytelling that is most emphasized by Saitama's apathy to the politics of the Heroes Association.

For all intents and purposes, Saitama is a deconstructed hero, whose motivations for his heroic actions stem from his boredom and an innate desire to help people. His protege, Genos, is also characterized as someone who is completely loyal to Saitama. Hence, Genos moving to another side opposite his master would be completely out of character.

Of course, the Civil War speculations are just rumors for now. If the anime does explore it, however, it would risk compromising the very heart of One Punch Man - the dynamic of an overpowered character and his ever-loyal, yet extremely powerful apprentice.

Though no official date has been released, it is speculated that One Punch Man Season 2 would begin airing sometime this year. 

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