Primary Day Live Results: How To Watch West Virginia Numbers For Clinton, Sanders & Trump Online

West Virginians and Nebraska Republicans are heading to the polls today to vote for their presidential candidate of choice - here's how you can watch the results as they come in live.

Many will be watching the results of the Democratic primary in West Virginia today to see if Hillary Clinton extends her lead or Bernie Sanders makes this a true fight. Sanders is favored to win the primary by prediction experts FiveThirtyEight, which is expecting a narrow victory for the Vermont senator.

Polling has been all over the place for West Virginia since August, with one poll having Sanders way ahead by double digits, another having Clinton ahead by double digits and most showing a narrow win for Sanders. Such polling has been slightly off at times on the Democratic side (in Michigan and Indiana) so it's possible that Clinton could eek out a win here, but you should probably put your money on Sanders to claim a second consecutive victory overall.

Meanwhile, the Republican race has completely died down, with Donald Trump officially the presumptive nominee. Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out after a devastating loss in Indiana, leaving Trump as the only major Republican nominee left in the race. Of course, primaries will still continue in West Virginia, Nebraska and all future state primaries, but turnout will likely be lower now that Trump has sewn up the nomination.

As always, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC will be devoting wall-to-wall coverage of the primary results during primetime TV. West Virginia polls close at 7:30 p.m. ET, which means you will start hearing results shortly afterwards.

If you want to watch CNN live online, go to their site here.

If you wish to watch Fox News live, go to their site here.

And to watch MSNBC live, go to their site here.

And as always, if you couldn't care less about pundits commenting on the state of the race, all three sites will provide live updates of the results, which can be found at, and

Keep up with the live results from the primaries on Twitter by using hashtag #WestVirginiaPrimary,  #WVPrimary and #NebraskaPrimary.

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