It appears that fans don't officially have to say goodbye to The Good Wife.

Even though the series aired its final episode last week after seven seasons, it looks like the show is getting a spin-off. According to Thursday's report from The Hollywood Reporter, deals aren't done yet, but if the spin-off ends up happening, then Christine Baranski is expected to reprise her role as Diane Lockhart.

Cush Jumbo, who played, Lucca Quinn, is also supposed to appear.

There is no word on the storyline, but it could easily revolve around these two women working together in the same firm.

Creators of the series Robert and Michelle King are also in final negotiations to co-write the first episode, which is expected to air in January 2017 with a CBS digital subscription service.

Meanwhile, Robert and Michelle dished to Entertainment Weekly on how they would like the CBS series to live on from here. The show had some serious drama, but there was much more to it than that, something the creators had a good time with.

"I do think people will think of the show in terms of its multidimensional female characters," Robert said. "It might also be thought of as a gravestone of the 22-episodes-a-year paradigm. 22 a year is just too difficult, too backbreaking. But it would be nice if people thought of it in terms of its cynicism and its comedy; that's what we found most fun."

Michelle then dished on the theory that Alicia could've been an alcoholic. As it turns out, that was never the case.

"I think she likes her wine and tequila, but no, she has never suffered an alcohol-related problem," Michelle said. "She's never been arrested. She's never done anything because of alcohol that she regretted."