'The Flash' Season 2: Will Henry's Death Affect WestAllen? Grant Gustin Teases Dark Fallout [VIDEO]

The Flash's Barry Allen is in a dark place - just where Zoom wants him.

Still reeling from his father's sudden demise, the Scarlet Speedster will enter the finale in a whirlwind of grief and anger. With Cisco's vibing a major Earth-2 disaster and Zoom's ready to unleash his master plan, now would be a bad time for Barry to repeat his post-singularity lone wolf act (particularly for those championing the WestAllen 'ship).

"Probably. I don't know," Gustin told TV Line at the CW upfronts, weighing the possibility that Henry's death will take a toll on Berry's personal relationships. "Barry makes a decision at the end of this season that obviously he'll be vulnerable going into season 3, but, I think because of some stuff that goes down, the timeline will also be vulnerable going into season 3. I think regardless of what happened, this will affect every other relationship in Barry's life."

When our hero goes head to head with Zoom in "The Race of His Life," he will be mired in his own troubles.

"He's at a crossroad. [He's] at a really dark place and not sure what to do, I would imagine," Gustin teased.

If your worried that Zoom will be successful in brining out Barry's evil side, you can rest easy.

"The thing about Barry Allen, the Flash, is he's an optimistic character and his kind of way of life is to keep moving forward and to stay as positive as possible," Gustin explained. "I imagine we're not going to loose that."

That still begs the question - how exactly will Barry and/or Zoom put the timeline in danger? Will the Flash attempt to change the recent past, or will his nemesis' plans for Earth-2 throw a wrench in the multiverse?

Find out when The Flash season 2 finale air Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Click the video below to see a preview for "The Race of His Life."

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