Josh Duhamel treated his son for a fun day at the fair.

On Monday, Celeb Baby Scoop posted the photo of the actor and his two-year-old son, Axl, as they went to a fair in Los Angeles. Duhamel sported a white T-shirt with a cap as his baby dressed in grey and wore a hat that had his name on it.

Axl seemed to have a nice day as he basked in the sun while sitting in his stroller and was kept in good company by his daddy.

See the photo here.

Rumor currently has it that Duhamel and his pop star wife, Fergie, might be planning on their second child ever since the singer told E! News last fall that she would love to have a daughter.

"My gosh, it would be amazing to give my little girl her own fragrance collection done by Mommy," she said. "Wow, that would be special, hashtagged blessed."

Fergie added that she and her husband definitely want another baby, but when the timing is right.

"After the album and the tour, we would love to have another child," she said. "Absolutely."

Duhamel also spoke to AOL about his son and if he would ever put him in show business. He's not too against the idea, but he wants his son to enjoy his childhood before he steps into any major work.

"I don't know about [putting him in show business]," the actor said about his son. "I'm going to hold off on that for as long as possible. I want him to have a good education and a normal childhood first and if he wants to do it down the road he can, but we're not pushing him towards that."

Fergie and Josh Duhamel have been married for seven years now.