NCIS has some big shoes to fill. Tony DiNozzo's departure left a gaping hole in the bullpen, and it might take two new faces to fill the void.

Luckily, you've already met the two contenders. They don't actually work for DC's branch of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, but season 14 will present the FBI's Special Agent Tess Monroe (Sarah Clarke) and MI6's Agent Clayton Reeves (Duane Henry) with the opportunities to become series regulars.

"Now we sort of take a breath and try to decide what's next," showrunner Greg Glasberg told Deadline. "We look at [Clarke and Henry's] terrific performances and figure out how we're going to move forward."

Sexy and strong, Tess' sarcastic nature has viewers betting the Bureau's divorcee will make a good fit now that the writer's have no one else to give voice to Tony's quips (plus she can join Gibbs' in dreading the arrival of their exes).

"That's certainly part of the design of the character and I'd like to see more of that moving forward, however this works out," Glasberg teased.

Reeves, meanwhile, latched on to Tony's suave side while giving us the foot chases endemic to NCIS: Los Angeles. Unlike Trent Kort, the MI6 agent is a spook we can actually grow to love.

"There was a fun and a charm to Reeves, Duane Henry's character, as well, not to mention a tremendous physicality to his character," Glasberg mused. "We certainly saw some of the action he was able to provide when he was chasing (the villain) Kort in the take-down scene of the finale."

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NCIS will return to CBS this fall.