'The Flash' Season 2: Time For 'Flashpoint'? Grant Gustin & John Wesley Shipp Tease Season 3 [VIDEO]

This is it, Flash fans. It looks like Scarlet Speedster is ready to take on Flashpoint.

Don't worry; we're not talking Wonder Woman storming Europe while Thomas Wayne dons a cape and cowl. No, we're talking about Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) doing the one thing Flash fans know he must never do - saving his mother and sending the timeline spiraling out of control.

An emotionally devastated Barry took his tachyon accelerator and blasted into the past during "The Race of His Life," choosing to dive staight into Geoff Johns' most iconic storyline. We don't know how far down the rabbit hole The Flash will travel, but it's safe to say that season 3 won't present viewers with DC TV timeline we've come to know and love.

It's a switch up that could send shockwaves radiating out through the entierty of The CW's DC universe. Supergirl, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow could all take a hit, but a dip into the Flashpoint world could also serve to bring back old friends (Eddie! Ronnie!) and deadly enemies (Reverse Flash!). Luckily for fans, it's a story Gustin is dying to tell.

"The Flashpoint paradox is one of my favorite things that happened in The Flash comics and I want us to do it at some point," Gustin told Clevver TV back in April. "It would be really hard...it would be really challenging for us, but that's what I would like to do at some point."

Was Gustin dropping a veiled hint ahead of filming for the finale? Noo one's ready to spill the beans quite yet, which means it could be a long summer hiatus for the fandom. 

"That's going to be very interesting to find out, isn't it?" John Wesley Shipp (Henry Allen/Jay Garrick) told Entertainment Weekly. "That is the exact question that we want left in the minds of our audience members when the curtain comes down on our finale."

Find out more when The Flash returns to The CW this fall!

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