One of the creators of The Good Wife explained why they decided to go forward with a spinoff series.

It's been a month since the final episode of the CBS series and sometime next year the spinoff will air on CBS All Access network. Christine Baranski will be making her way on the new show to reprise her role as Diane.

Creator Robert King mentioned in Tuesday's report from Entertainment Tonight that this character is someone who was important for the spin-off since she's so iconic in the way she owns her presence.

"[Diane Lockhart] was one of those characters, other than Will Gardner, that really seemed to pull audiences in," King said. "There's a certain solidity to her and a certain sense that she commands a room, but also there's a sensitivity beneath it. So it was a no-brainer to bring her onto the spinoff."

It also turns out that the creators were interested in making a show centered around Diane before the final episode of the CBS series even aired.

"We didn't know if [CBS chairman, president and CEO] Les Moonves or [CBS Television Studios president] David Stapf would agree to it yet but we just wanted to hold on to her because she would have people knocking down her door to get her," King explained. "What we were excited by was she wanted to continue the character as much as she did."

King is also hoping that something beneficial will happen for The Good Wife and the Emmys since this is the last year for eligibility.

"Seven years meant a lot to us," the creator said. "But also, more importantly, network [drama] isn't given the kind of respect that sometimes it deserves. If you look at American Crime, what it's doing, and what we felt Good Wife was doing, there is a lot of intelligent work being done on network. It's just there's so much of it that it would be lovely for that reason."