There is definitely going to be some lingering drama when The Fosters returns.

On Monday, KSite TV posted an interview with Hayden Byerly, who plays Jude, on the Freeform drama. When he was asked if any members of the show are allowed to be happy, he made it pretty clear that that's more than doubtful.

"It's The Fosters!" he said. "We've all got problems!"

One issue that fans can expect is another quarrel between Jude and his sister Callie. But this time, the tables are going to turn and Callie's going to be the one to get mad at Jude.

"This season Callie gets very angry at Jude, which is interesting because a lot of the times, we've seen Jude get mad at Callie for doing stupid stuff, but it's reversed," Byerly said. "Jude does something stupid. Callie finds out and gets very angry at him. And so, it's really cool to see how that kind of changes because it's always been Jude scolding Callie and kind of being angry at her, and then she's run off and done something stupid and then come back."

The premiere episode involves the school going on lockdown when it's discovered that a student brought a gun on campus. This puts Jude in a frightening position while holding onto the memory of his first love Connor.

"[Jude's] in a place in which he doesn't know what's going to happen," Byerly said. "He doesn't know what's going to go on. He doesn't know if he's going to die or not, and so he gets freaked out, and he doesn't know what to do, and that love for Connor- just because they broke up and he moved doesn't mean that it just dies out immediately."

The Fosters Season 4 premieres on Monday, June 20 at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.