Fans have officially dragged Tara Wallace of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop New York after she tried to take a shot at Amina Buddafly.

While both Amina and Wallace have children with Peter Gunz (Amina is slated to give birth any day now to their second while Wallace just delivered her and Peter’s third child), Wallace has insisted on Instagram that they are not in the same situation.

She broke down the difference between a “baby mama” and the “mother of your child.”

She defined a “baby mama” as “a person who is mad at the fact that your not with her and left for your happiness. She’s spiteful so she tried to make your life & relationship with your child difficult every chance she get.”

She went on to say a “mother of your child” is “a woman that knows you two relationship was over and there’s no hard feelings. She works with you so you can have a lasting relationship with your child.”

While many fans popped off at Wallace’s comment, she responded to one who called her out for having three children “with nothing to show for it.”

Wallace clapped back and said, “well since u ask let me clear it up… 2 degrees, one book self published, another set to be out in December. Had u been watching even part of the show u would be smart enough to know that if u want respect give it.”

See what else she had to say below.

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