'Beauty And The Beast' Season 4 Spoilers: Vincent Goes Undercover As Cat Discovers Something Intriguing [VIDEO]

Things are about to get pretty out of hand for Vincent and Cat on Beauty and the Beast.

Life as a married couple obviously had to come with some challenges since someone pretty much always wants these two dead. And in the next episode, it's bound to stay that way as Vincent goes undercover with an attractive operative, according to Friday's report from Carter Matt.

While Vincent is on this voyage, Cat finds out that this woman is an assassin. She also has to convince DHS she can be trusted while Vincent is in what can only be an adventurous game.

Meanwhile, Enstarz previously chatted with Austin Basis who's known as JT on the series. When he was asked how his character has changed over the years, he mentioned how that had a lot to do with Cat making her way into his life as well as Vincent's.

"With Catherine coming into their lives, it threw him into a world of unexpected consequences and circumstances where he had to come out of his shell and be heroic and crazy and romantic and grow into the man he had to be to survive, and also because of Vincent and Catherine's love, he was able to take a risk and put himself out there to find his own perfect match with Tess," Basis said. "If I'm not paying attention to the title, the main plot of the show, it's really been the story of J.T.'s coming into his own manhood."

The actor also revealed what kind of message he feels gets brought into the series as it makes its way to the final showdown.

"I feel like this [message] is kind of general, but love and friendship really are the strongest weapons we have against the negativity of the world," Basis said. "The family that size, that love really got them through everything and it was that love that brought out the courageous side of J.T. or Vincent or Cat...love can always win out evil or hate."

Beauty and the Beast airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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