'Scream' Season 2 Spoilers: Is Audrey About To Come Clean After That Mirror Message? [VIDEO]

Audrey is getting it all out with Noah on the next episode of Scream.

In a sneak peek released on the show's Twitter page on Friday, Audrey talks to Noah about that message she got on her mirror on how she will never be forgiven. With that whole connection to Piper situation, things were bound to get more chaotic for Audrey in the future. But this isn't where it ends.

There was also the message on 12 being dead-- so the two go over everyone who's died since this whole massacre started taking place. The last person they think of who died is Piper, but that still leaves one person out there they haven't thought of.

Noah tells Audrey that the killer is just trying to get in her head, but it's too late before he or she was "trying." So Noah tells his friend that she needs to just come clean, specifically to Emma. Audrey says once Emma finds out, she might as well be dead, but will that stop her from being trapped forever?

Check it out in the scene below.

Bex Taylor-Klaus, who plays Audrey, previously spoke to Enstarz on what her character's been going through and the type of friction she has with Noah along the way.

"The further Noah digs, the closer he's gonna get to Audrey's actual involvement with Piper and that terrifies her," Taylor-Klaus said. "I don't think she even knows what she's capable of in terms of hiding her involvement. And that's gonna be an interesting story arc for her and for everyone to see exactly what Audrey can do. It kind of gives a hint as to what she would have been doing. That's definitely gonna cause a bit of a riff between her and Noah. Everybody's gonna be wondering why Audrey's acting so skittish. And Noah especially."

Scream airs on Mondays at 11 p.m. ET on MTV.

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