'The Flash' Season 3: How Long Will Flashpoint Last? Grant Gustin Reveals Surprising Answer [VIDEO]

The Flash will stick its toe into the Flashpoint timeline - heck, it'll cannonball right into the middle of the pond - but a lifeguard will drag Barry Allen back to reality before to long.

The denizens of Central City dropped by San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, replete with brand new teasers for season 3. Barry's (Grant Gustin) turned back the clock following Zoom's defeat in "Race of His Life," preventing his mother's death and throwing The Flash's timeline into disarray. While the Jeoff Johns storyline will take up a significant portion of the fall run, but the Scarlet Speedster will have to bid farewell to his parents eventually.

"There's ramifications through the whole season, but it won't necessarily last as long as some people are expecting it to 'last,' I guess," Gustin told IGN. "But there are permanent effects on the rest of the show."

That's welcome news for those of us who are fans of the relationships The Flash has worked so hard to forge over the last two years. The STAR labs team will lead disparate lives in the world of Flashpoint, but while that will be fun for a time, it doesn't sound like a story that could last past midseason.

"There's not a complete departure form all the relationships that have existed," Gustin promised.

For three months, the savior of Central City will live in ignorance of the chances around him. Once new (and old!) villains start to rear their ugly heads however, Barry will have to change his tune (see a season 3 trailer below).

"At first, Barry doesn't realize how much has changed," Gustin explained at the series' SDCC panel. "The whole reason he did this is so that his parents would be alive, and they are. I think when we find him, he's still kind of living in that blind bliss and just kind of ignoring the other changes that are out there, or unaware at least, when we find him."

Are you glad Flashpoint won't last forever, or were you hoping that Barry's trip through the Speed Force would cause a little long-lasting chaos? Sound off in the poll below!

The Flash will return to The CW on Oct. 4 at 8 p.m. ET.

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