'Dragon Ball Super' News And Updates: Next Episode To Ensure Future Trunks' SSJB Transformation? [VIDEO]

After the rather ironic 53rd episode of Dragon Ball Super, which had Black Goku in its title but never once featured the villainous character, the next episode of the popular anime seems to be yet another character-building episode for Future Trunks.

The teaser trailer for Dragon Ball Super Episode 54, Inheritor of Saiyan Blood: Trunks' Resolve, featured a number of very interesting scenes. Among the clips shown in the brief video, however, one thing was very noticeable -- Vegeta was training Future Trunks and the Saiyan Prince was in his Super Saiyan Blue form.

This could only mean one thing, and that is Vegeta teaching Future Trunks to reach Super Saiyan Blue. Currently, only Son Goku and Vegeta can reach SSJB, thanks to the experience they gained during their previous fights. They have also honed their strength further, training under Whis, who is their strongest teacher yet.

As much the premise of Future Trunks reaching Super Saiyan Blue is interesting, however, the other scenes of the teaser seemed to point to the young fighter struggling heavily against pressure from his father. Nevertheless, it does make sense for Future Trunks to reach SSJB in the next episode.

This is primarily because of the current progression of the anime's plot. As noted by fans since the Future Trunks arc started, the idea of Son Goku once more being the man to beat the main villain has gotten a bit stale. After all, the most notable fights in the new series have so far been ended with the Z fighter.

Thus, many fans are clamoring for the anime to pursue something far different than before. One of the ways it could do this, of course, would be to allow another character to deal the killing blow in the final battle against the main villain of the arc.

Among the characters that fans believe are likely to finish the final battle are Vegeta and Future Trunks, simply because Black Goku was directly responsible for their losses in the future. Compared to Son Goku, who simply wishes to fight Black because battling him is fun, both Vegeta and Future Trunks have more valid reasons to fight the villain.

After all, during the first episode of the Future Trunks arc, Black was shown to have killed Bulma and Mai, two women that were dear to the father and son. This has affected both characters, with Vegeta specifically mentioning his loss in the future when he was training in the Gravity Room.

Currently, all signs are pointing to Future Trunks reaching Super Saiyan Blue in the next Dragon Ball Super episode. If he does reach SSJB, then Black would definitely have his hands full the moment he fights the young Saiyan again. 

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