'Killjoys' Season 2: Get Ready To 'Blow the Roof Off' Dutch's Arkyn Mystery! Finale Will 'Wreck You' [VIDEO]

From Arkyn straight across to Westerly, Killjoys' Quad is rife with mystery. Dutch's team is on a quest for answers, and their season 2 journey won't be in vein - the finale will be bursting with answers.

Not all the answers, of course. You have to save something for season 3, right? (You hear that Syfy? Season 3. Get on that renewal). Nevertheless, "How to Kill friends and Influence People" will give fans more than they ever imagined, including the truth behind D'avin's (Luke Macfarlane) trippy Arkyn vision.

"We will answer a large part of what you've seen in D'avin's memory by the finale," showrunner Michelle Lovretta revealed to TV Junkies. "You'll have some very concrete answers, a lot of very, very big juicy and world spinning reveals."

You can expect Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) and Khlyen (Rob Stewart) to have a little heart to heart, a conversation that will set up the assassin for an epic season 3 storyline.

"There's going to be some very poignant conversations between Khlyen and Dutch that tell her the truth about what his intent had been for her and what the connection to that memory is," Lovretta teased. "It may not answer all the questions about Dutch herself because obviously this is a longer journey, but we're blowing the roof off it and giving you a peek in terms of the really exciting direction that her character is going to take in Season 3."

At the same time, episode 10 will introduce viewers to a few new faces, each of whom will have a chance to return in the space opera's proposed third season.

Between Johnny's (Aaron Ashmore) efforts to save Old Town, D'av's inquiry into the mysterious green goo, Khlyen's flight from the nefarious Black Root, Alvis' (Morgan Kelly) research into the origins of the Scarbacks, and Dutch's complex past, Killjoys has managed to deftly handle a host of moving pieces, manipulating them like a series of well-oiled cogs. We can't wait to see what machine springs to life when the last gear is slipped into place.

That being said, Lovretta has one last teaser to make you squirm with anticipation:

Killjoys airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy. Click the video below to see a preview for the series’ next episode, “Heart-Shaped Box.”

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