Jamie Lannister recently lost his most valued possession and key to his identity. Game of Thrones star Nicolaj Coster-Waldau talks about what it's like to play a one-handed knight.

"We shot it over two nights and almost didn't finish it because the second night I got really sick. I had a really high fever," Coster-Waldau said of the scene where Jamie loses his right hand to Bolton's men., according to TV Guide. "So, when I look sick on that stump, it kind of worked out perfectly.

"It was a very brutal because there's the stuff when [Locke] puts the knife point into my eye," the actor continued. "It was disturbing enough that you actually think it's over when he gets free from that. So when the whole hand chop happens, it's like, 'Holy sh--!'"

Unfortunately for Jamie Lannister, he has spent his entire life working to become the amazing swordsman that he is. Now he is left without a dominant hand. According to the 42-year-old Danish actor, it's incredibly difficult to make his left hand attempt the sword work expected of a knight on the Kingsguard.

"There's a scene in the fourth episode where they fight me, and it was great because I just couldn't do it," Coster-Waldau told TV Guide. "My head knew how to do it, but you can't get it into your body. My arm wouldn't do what it was supposed to do."

According to the Inquisitr, this week's episode, "Kissed by Fire," will further explore Jamie's plot line as he meets Lord Bolton.