One of the new competitors on Ink Master gave some insight on what he'll bring to the series.

On Saturday, shared an interview with tattoo artist Geary Morrill who will be showing his ink abilities on the Spike TV series. He explained why he decided to sign on as well as how he'll differ from what other contestants tend to bring.

"I thought (being on a show) was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I just couldn't pass up," Morrill said. "I know (the producers typically) look for characters and people with a lot of drama, but I'm not like that. I'm a pretty positive person. I work really hard. The style of tattooing I do is visibly different from other tattoo artists."

According to Morrill's manager Cyndi, people are going to love this guy since he's a fun person to be around.

"Geary has such a big personality," Cyndi said. "He's very entertaining and hilarious. People love being around him. I think that's what appealed to the producers, aside from him being a great tattoo artist."

Morrill also opened up on a serious challenge he had to face around the time he started filming for the series; he was tested positive for Lyme disease.

"I got real sick. I had all the symptoms," he said. "I got a kidney infection. My kidney and liver had been acting up. It was really scary. I've never been that sick before. That was right when the 'Ink Master' stuff was happening. I thought, I'll just tell them I can't (do it). But I didn't want to be a 'What if?' situation. So I thought, I'll just go and see what happens."

But with a change in his diet and some antibiotics, Morrill was doing much better.

"I've gotten really good at planning my day and figuring out what I need (to get through it)," he said.

Ink Master Season 8 premieres on Tuesday, August 23 on Spike TV.