'Grimm' Season 6: Scooby Gang Is A 'Band On The Run', David Giuntoli Teases Nick's New Hang Out [PHOTOS]

It's time for Grimm to head underground.

Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) and the Scooby Gang are in a serious bind. The final episodes of season 5 burnt our heroes out of house and home, an unfortunate series of events that will leave the monster hunter scrambling in the season 6 premiere.

"It picks up the millisecond we left off; the micro-moment. We're all on the run," Giuntoli told EnStars  at San Deigo Comic-Con. "Renard has the power right now so we're definitely a band on the run. We can't hang out in our normal haunts, either. We can't go to the precinct, we can't go to the loft, and we can't go to Monroe and Rosalee's place. We spend a lot of time in the rabbit warren, which are the tunnels."

Not to worry, however. As shown in recent set photos, the gang will be back in the spice shop by episode 3.

Renard (Sasha Roiz) will catch up to the Grimm and his cohorts eventually, and Portland’s new mayor will also drop by the hang out in episode 3…in his pajamas no less.

Are you ready for season 6? Catch Grimm this fall on NBC.

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