Samira Wiley still hasn't watched through the fourth season of Netflix's Orange Is the New Black.

***Huge spoilers through the fourth season of Orange Is the New Black ahead***

The penultimate episode of Orange Is the New Black's fourth season featured one of the most shocking and devastating moments of the year. The episode featured a prison revolt, which concluded in Poussey (Wiley) being crushed to death by prison guard Bayley (Alan Aisenberg).

The emotional moment was so extreme that even Wiley herself hasn't brought herself to watch it.

"It was extremely hard. I'm still in the process," Wiley admitted in a new interview with Parade. "I actually haven't watched all of season four yet because doing that is really saying my final goodbye and I don't know if I'm ready for that."

Saying goodbye almost means leaving behind Wiley's most significant role of her career thus far.

"It has given me my career," she stated in the interview. "I was a bartender when I first auditioned, and I actually stayed bartending the entire time that we shot season one because, being a struggling actor in New York, I didn't want to put myself in the position of not having a job. I went from that to having it be difficult to walk down the street."

Poussey was one of the most popular characters in Orange Is the New Black's huge ensemble. The actress is hoping to parlay her popularity into a cool role in the future.

"I really want to play a superhero," the actress revealed. "I want to take the role-model thing up a notch. I've always been a fan of movies and TV, and to be able to play the ultimate TV superhero would be awesome."

Orange Is the New Black season 5 is slated to drop in the summer of 2017, while the first four seasons are currently available to stream.