Evan Peters can't say much of anything about American Horror Story's sixth season, and he's clearly having a difficult time with this.

Peters recently spoke in an interview with TheWrap about the sixth season of American Horror Story, which remains a total secret. With no news out there about the theme, setting or characters, Peters is still unable to say much, other than his own involvement.

The actor squirmed through questions about what he was able to say, admitting, "I still don't quite know what the name of the season is." He added that despite being on the show, the producers don't tell him "anything."

Despite Peters dodging just about every question regarding the new season, he did admit that his new hair color, red, was for the show.

"Yes," he said, when asked if his red hair was for the show, and not a personal choice. "I'm trying to figure out if i can say it, yeah. I didn't do this to my hair, yeah."

Peters has played a variety of complex characters since season 1 of American Horror Story, from sociopathic neighbor Tate Langdon in Murder House to heroic "Lobster Boy" Jimmy Darling in Freak Show to sadistic hotel developer Mr. March in Hotel. From his new hair alone it looks like Peters will add another fascinating character to his arsenal.

The actor previously revealed which of his first five characters he enjoyed playing the most.

"Mr. March has been my favorite so far. I like Tate a lot and I like Mr. March. Playing the villain is really fun-especially a character as colorful as Mr. March-and just that 1930s art deco craziness that he had going on, with the whiskey drinking, smoking, suit-wearing kind of guy. It was a very fun role to play," Peters told Deadline.

American Horror Story season 6 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.