Skeptics might be fond of mocking UFO enthusiasts in YouTube videos and online forums, but there is no denying that the world's most powerful countries are investing heavily in researches about UFOs and the other unknowns in space.

London Alien Facility Confirmed?

Recently, an unnamed military source told the Express that there is a U.S.-funded UFO facility being operated right in the heart of London's Soho. According to the source, the facility is almost fully funded by tax dollars from the United States, and its existence is fully known by the Ministry of Defense.

The facility is also allegedly staffed primarily by American personnel. While the office does have British workers, the military source stated that the number of locals working in the facility is very low.

"There was pressure from a similar unit in the Pentagon which wanted to incorporate the MoD unit. It was decided to move the unit to Soho Square and I understand that it now has a number of American personnel. The relocation was even accidentally published in the MoD's magazine, though few noticed," he said.

Mysterious, Unsolved Cases Being Studied

While most alleged UFO encounters could be attributed to simple, scientific phenomena, the London facility houses possible alien encounter incidents that have remained a mystery for years.

Nick Pope, who formerly ran the MoD's UFO project, stated that while evidence confirming the existence of aliens are slim, there have been some cases where the incidents were just far too strange.

"Britain has no evidence of extraterrestrial life. That's not to say that we didn't have some fascinating cases in our files. Of around 12,000 sightings that the program investigated, around five percent remain unexplained," he said.

Facility Also for Defense

As much as the mysterious London facility does study UFOs, it also serves a far more earthly purpose - the arming of countries in space. Liz Quintana, director of military sciences at the Royal United Services think tank, stated that the next arms race might actually happen in space.

"Britain has maintained its interest in space and the issue of UFOs and it would not surprise me if the UK and US had an office here.  Space is becoming increasingly contested and congested. Some of this is peaceful, some of it has dual use and some distinctly nefarious. Russia and China particularly are active," the director said.