NCIS: Los Angeles' Callen is a lone wolf, but the former orphan will get a chance to bond with his father in season 8. In fact, dear old dad is moving in...

After a lifetime of searching, NCIS: LA's lead agent got the one thing most foster children spend their lives dreaming of - a chance to meet his biological father. Callen (Chris O'Donnell), aka Grisha Alexanderovich Nikolaev, clapped eyes on his dad for the first time last season, and the winds of fortune will bring Nikita Alexsandr Reznikov (Daniel J. Travanti) to Los Angeles this fall.

"It's a bit of a challenge for Callen," executive producer R. Scott Gemmill told TV Guide Magazine. "He's never really had a roommate, let alone one that was his father!"

Will having a family be everything G wished for? We sure hope so. We also hope it will give us a little more insight into the Nikolaev/Reznikov story. Learning his full name was hardly the last piece in Callen's jigsaw puzzle.

"It was always my intention to reveal Callen's identity before the series ended," series creator Shane Brennan told Entertainment Weekly. "We've had a lot of fun finding out who Callen is, and from where he came. I wanted the audience to have the opportunity to enjoy that moment. And while he's now discovered his identity, Callen's odyssey isn't over. In many ways, it's just beginning."

Before we get more details on the Callen mystery, the NCIS: LA team will have to weather a barrage of misfortune. As SecNav turns the OSP upside down looking for the mole, a mission in Syria will leave a fan favorite seriously injured.

Catch the two-hour season premiere this Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ET (or after the NFL game concludes) on CBS. Click the video below to see a preview for "High Value Target/Belly of the Beast."