''The Amazing Race' Season 29 Update: Still No News For Debut, But Could Season 30 See Returning Racers? [VIDEO]

Sorry Amazing Race fans, there's still no hope that you'll be seeing season 29 on television anytime soon.

CBS still has not made any announcements about when they plan to roll-out the newest season of the show, much to the dismay of fans everywhere, but it appears the network has no intentions of canceling the long-running reality competition series either, with reports that they are moving full-steam ahead on season 30 and beginning the casting process.

If the show has been suffering from a decline in the ratings however, something that could work in its favor would be bringing back fan-favorite teams from previous seasons, a move that has worked in the past, and would allow teams that have endeared fans since All-Stars back in season 24 to have their second shot at a $1 million prize.

If the show were to choose this route for Season 30 though, who would be some of the best teams to cast? Here are our pics for a dream season below:

Adam & Bethany, Soul Surfers, Season 25

The couple is an ideal team-strong competitors who often finished in the top half of the competition, who also never played dirty, often making sure they didn't try to make enemies out of their fellow competitors, ensuring that if they won, it was a clean fight to the finish.

Kym and Alli, The Cyclists, Season 25

Another great team from season 25, these two were lovable and fierce competitors who were wiped out by one unfortunate challenge. They'd be a team to root for since fans would love to see them get a win this time.

Hayley and Blair, Rx For Love, Season 26

These two were possibly the worst example of a love connection the show could have, but that made them incredibly entertaining. We'd love to see them bickering over literally every little thing over and over again just one more time.

Jeff and Jackie, Team JJ, Season 26

These two later wound up on Big Brother together as well, and would likely be picked by CBS again as a result.

Mike and Rochelle, Truck Stop Love, Season 26

These two were adorable, and the only pre-existing couple to make it to the final four, despite being perennial underdogs all season, Underdog teams are always a favorite when they come back, especially if they manage to win their second time around.

Justin and Diana, The Green Team Season 27

No season is complete without at least one team that cockily believes they can and will win-and Justin was probably the most confident person to appear on the show in its history, let alone in the last few seasons.

Tiffany and Krista, The Cheerleaders, Season 27

The Cheerleaders were another underdog team which managed to make it further in the competition than anyone expected, and watching them prove that there's more to them than pretty looks a second time would be a great ride.

Denise and James Earl, Team Alabama, Season 27

They were perhaps one of the best mother/son teams on the show in a long while, and we still have not yet had quite enough of Team Pink.

Tanner and Josh, Team Texas, Season 27

They were so nice to look at, and also amazing competitors who were fun to watch. We'd love to see them get another chance to prove themselves again.

Tyler and Corey, Season 28

Tyler Oakley and Corel Cuhl are an amazing duo. The BFFs were also a team who mostly played things clean and didn't use dirty tactics to try and advance themselves in the competition, and they were so much fun and always kept a positive energy, even when things were looking more grim.

Erin and Joslyn, Season 28

The Clevver TV hosts are also a fun team who would be amazing to have a chance to watch again.

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