'The Amazing Race' Season 29 Spoilers: Phil Keoghan Dishes On New Teams, Locations [VIDEO]

Fans still don't know when they'll see season 29 on TV, but The Amazing Race is still filming the episodes, and Phil Keoghan can promise that they're going to be good.

While taking a break during filming in Brazil, Keoghan spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the current season by phone, and he already can confirm that there's a little bit of chaos when it comes to the new episodes.

"I can't say too much about it, other than to say we're already two legs in right now and it's extremely exciting," he said when asked about the new season. "There's already been a lot of drama, and I haven't slept much since we started going only 48 hours ago, We finished two shows, and it's already mayhem."

As for how it's already mayhem? Keoghan himself ran into trouble getting to a the pit stop for the second leg, admitting that a celebration on the street almost kept him from beating the teams themselves there.

"Just this morning, I was trying to get ahead of the teams. It was a very tight race, and I was trying to get ahead to the pit stop, and this bread company was handing out bread on the street. It was a big party celebration on the street. Meanwhile, I was getting texts [from producers] saying that the teams were actually likely to beat me to the pit stop. There is a whole other layer, which makes it extremely exciting, and the excitement and unpredictability come through on the screen," he said.

However, he did manage to make it to the location before the teams, but barely.

"I did, by 10 minutes," he said.

Keoghan also revealed that he thinks are going to remain hectic for a little while longer, thanks to his past experience over the 28 preceding seasons.

"It's usually episode 6 where I start feeling a little calmer," he admitted. "The beginning is always panic and craziness."

Season 29 has not been given a specific premiere date on CBS.

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