The Walking Dead 7th Season: Negan is the new villain

The sneak peek of its 7th season is the trending topic worldwide,it was launched during the AMC Comic conference last Saturday in New York.The incredible sneak peak will surely make the fans scream their lungs out! New characters of the series was introduced during the comic conference and one of them is the new villain Negan.

 The newest season of the TV series is going to be scarier than its previous season according to reports, as the preview of its new season is all over the Internet, The Walking Dead fans have a lot of theories on what's gonna happen to their favorite characters. And now let's talk about them. On the finale of the 6th season, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) was introduced as the new leader of the Saviors threatening Rick Grimes and other survivors as reported by ENews.

A short video clip will be shown on the 7th season pilot episode on the 23rd of October, on that particular video clip, the fans can see a baseball bat covered with blood held by Grimes ( Andrew Lincoln) as he tries to kill Negan, but the baseball bat is  associated to Negan actually, as reported by The Guardian.

After seeing that video clip the fans would think that the  character of Rick Grimes or maybe the character of Negan would be dead. The creators of the popular TV series said that Negan's character is the villain on the series as per a fan's point of view, but for Negan, the survivors are the bad guys. The character of the villain is doing the same thing, the other villains of the show are doing for the past 7 years according to Morgan, the only difference is that his character is really fond of holding a baseball bat.       

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