Jim Henson's puppet show 'Fraggle Rock' returns on HBO in HD

Who would forget the group of puppets who sang, danced and has taught children the value of friendship and care for the planet? This is really a good news for 80's and 90's parents who can relate to this 1983 show on HBO and will then again air in HD for today's younger generation. Nowadays, children shows lack the themes that Fraggle Rock characters discuss before, and have been replaced by violent cartoons and characters uttering foul words.

Deadline Hollywood gives a rundown of what has been for Fraggle Rock back in the 80's and how it achieved its popularity worldwide. From its home station, HBO, Fraggle Rock showcased a group of puppets that has definitive styles and hilarious adventures together with its neighbors, the Doozers, and a family of enormous Gorgs. Their music touches the hearts of kids and young at heart, playing all kinds of genres from folk, blues, gospel, country and rock and incorporating the values of camaraderie, unity, discipline, flexibility and care for the planet. This has been the reason why television shows specifically children shows should now be focused on renewing their responsibilities to each other and to the earth even at a young age.

Although HBO has been showing adult movies since then, it has been airing Fraggle Rock since it premiered in 1983 up to its final episode in 1987. The show may have stopped short of notice but CINEMABLEND has proudly called it to "the most creative and wonderful kid show of all time". All 96 episodes will be shown in full digitally remastered version and will be aired at the end of the year, catching all the events of their singing, dancing and fighting over radishes. The friendship of the Fraggle and Doozers will come back to put a smile in every viewer and fans alike.

Its success and popularity should have made it be produced as a movie, giving a hint of Joseph Gordon-Levitt castings but until now this has not resurfaced.

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