Live-action Mulan movie is set for 2018 showing; Chinese actress a prefered candidate for lead role


Walt Disney has finally confirmed the release of a live-action version of "Mulan" and it is something to watch out for action, drama and love for family. This is the best decision ever for Walt Disney as it also will release a live-action version of "Beauty and the Beast" to be shown on March 2017.

Now, the trend for cartoons to be made into movies with real-life actors is a major project for Walt Disney and it is an unending quest for them to make good and box office hit movies. With a huge success from the animated "Mulan" in 1998 that garnered $ 340M worldwide at the box office, surely viewers have high expectations for its live-action.

The pre-production of "Mulan" movie is already on its way, the casts and crew, even the director is still not yet chosen, obviously, they are on double-time for this project.The production, however, released the specifics for the role of Fa Mulan which should be a Chinese actress.

They have strict reservations for their actors and actresses nowadays as they have already received criticisms and has been accused of whitewashing the characters of their movies. In a recent report by PARENT HERALD, an ethnically-correct candidate for the role is their main objective now and to satisfy their viewers.

Deadline Hollywood recently reported the release of live-action "Mulan" to be in November 2018, although this is not the first time that the animated movie has been made into a live-action film. Back in china, they have already produced one entitled "Mulan: Rise of a Warrior" and was proudly directed by Chinese filmmakers in 2009.

The live-action film will be combining the Chinese folklore Hua Mulan and the 1998 animation in the character of Fa Mulan. Using the same name of Fa Mulan, the story set in Han Dynasty tells of a girl who dressed as a man to be a warrior in order to protect her ailing father.

Other animated movies to be made into live-action will be "The Lion King" as previously confirmed by director JonFavreau. Walt Disney will always find the child in everyone who watches their movies.

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