The ‘Planet Earth 2' trailer is just awesome and incredible

Planet Earth 2 is an upcoming BBC natural history series that will be presented by David Attenborough. It's a sequel to the highly successful Planet Earth series that was broadcast in 2006.

No surprise, the 'Planet Earth 2' trailer is incredible.  After 10 years of waiting for the trailer for Planet Earth, 2 was released to the masses on Friday. The series was announced by BBC in 2013 with the working title one planet and it was later changed to 'Planet Earth 2', according to The Telegraph.

Executive Producer Mike Gunton said that ten years after planet earth first brought the wonders of the natural world to viewers in HD; Planet Earth 2 is another game changer and shot in Ultra HD, The epic scale and ambition of this series are second to none. 

In February, it was announced that David Attenborough would once again narrate the BBC studio production, adding to fans' anticipation. No release date is yet available for the second installment.
Planet Earth 2 is the first official follow-up to Planet Earth, but the team behind this documentary series has been busy on an avenue other than The BBC.  In 2015,crew signed on to produce the same type TV series on Netflix , called Our Planet while  our planet was given four years to put together eight special to stream and it won't be available to  binge-watch until 2019.

Naturally ,the footage we saw beautiful wildlife animals in habitats across the globe is nothing short of remarkable , there are animals, forest, deep sea water, ice  mountains, fungi, collisions, beautiful birds, animals are fighting for surviving and their unity and power of nature.Now we still have quite a wait ahead of us until Planet Earth 2 or Our Planet are available. The BBC trailer for the series used the same music for the original Planet Earth. Hoppipolla by  Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Ros. So for the fans have to sit tight until we can finally binge-watch the series . 

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