After a story in People by a writer who claimed Trump kissed her during an interview ten years ago went live, Trump has been alternating between defense and offense, claiming that it never happened and criticizing the writer, Natasha Stoynoff, for her looks.

Uncharacteristically, Melania Trump also went on the offense, with her lawyer demanding People redact the lines in the story about meeting Melania after the assault took place and being friendly with her. Melania also agreed to an interview with Anderson Cooper, where she claimed that the meeting never took place, thereby questioning the validity of the entire story.

However, People isn't about to back down. The magazine produced six witnesses that claim Natasha's assault really did happen a decade ago. One of those witnesses, Lisa Herz, a college friend of Natasha's, was even there during the run-in with Melania.

"They chatted in a friendly way," Herz told People. "And what struck me most was that Melania was carrying a child and wearing heels." 

The other witnesses are two editors from the magazine, a co-worker, a former journalism professor and a long-time friend. All claim that Natasha confided in them after the incident.

A professor advised Natasha to stay mum about the assault, saying:

"I advised her not to say anything, because I believed Trump would deny it and try to destroy her. It was a tough decision but in a he said/she said, we believed she would lose."