Sony VR Headset to replace transistor radio and iPod?

Music is significantly an important part of our daily lives,that is why music players like the iPod are one of the gadgets that each of us brings everywhere we go, transistor radio, on the other hand, was a very popular during the 90's era. Is there any gadgets today that can perform like these gadgets do?

According to reports of Forbes , it was October 18,1954 when Texas Instruments and Industrial Development Engineering Associates launched the very first transistor radio called the TR-1. Fifty years later Apple Inc.developed and launched the iPod 3. This device can store up to 1,000 songs and allows users to create own playlist.These gadgets will always be a part of the music history as well as the technology.

But there are a lot of gadgets nowadays, that can be uses to make music streaming much more exciting and enjoyable.

Sony recently launched their VR headset, based on the reports of The Wall Street Journal, Many years had passed when Sony took the lead slot of being the top gadget manufacturer worldwide. Since Apple Inc.invented the IPad and IPhone music gadgets from Sony became obsolete, Virtual Reality becomes Sony's key to make a comeback.

The gadget is incorporated on Playstation 4 and one can really enjoy playing their favorite game because of this powerful headset.

These pieces of gadgets are timeless and sometimes you may think that they became obsolete and they will disappear in the market. But as years passed by,different gadget manufacturers continue to invent and develop new music and gaming gadgets with similarity to the old ones in looks or appearance with new specs and features that can cater the needs of the consumer worldwide.

As our modern technology continues to evolve,it's not a surprise if one day,more gadgets will be invented for.the different daily activities.

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