'Star Wars Battlefront': EA DICE confirms balance update release with 'Rogue One' DLC, VR Experience

From a common point of view, it is a known fact that games always need some updates to gather more interesting experience. One such thing is going to happen to the popular video game "Star Wars Battlefront".

According to the Official EA Site, the action-oriented and highly acclaimed video game is going to get some new updates very soon. So enthusiasts of this game will be very happy to know that this report is confirmed by EA DICE.

Meanwhile, some recent sources have reported that the much-needed balance updates will land just before the release of the "Rogue One"DLC, and some more new contents in December.

 From iDigitalTimes it is also revealed that the Associate Design Director of the EA DICE, Dennis Brännvall, has assured that an expert team is trying their best to develop the new balance updates which will be released with "Rogue One"DLC and the VR Experience.

 Some experts and new sources opine that these updates can lead to exploring different opinions among the players of this famous video game. Some appreciate the update as it can hopefully help to eliminate some bugs that have already created a hazard in the game. Others are not so happy with it as it can change their favorite gameplay. 

Apart from this, a trailer of the VR Experience has just released and it reveals some ideas regarding the new changes in the game. Even it is also expected that players of the popular "Star Wars Battlefront" must enjoy a new set of experiences with the upcoming development. 

Sources also stated that this development can be the last one as EA is planning to release new "Battlefront 2".

Now, even after all these discussions, one thing is quite clear that the balance updates surely address some key issues and will bring some new contents to explore some new thoughts once again in the arena of imagination. 

One more thing is the players of the game will feel true enthusiasm to know that a new map "Scarif" will be added to the 'Rogue One' DLC and it creates a new passion as the players can enjoy the true VR mission while attending the PSVR.

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