Legendary announced Dune, a classic sci-fi novel-based movie

It is quite the delightful sight to see when books one reads during their childhood turn into action movies. Especially now when technology allows CGI to work its magic and make anything possible and realistic. The same will happen to Frank Herbert's Dune.

Variety recently covered that Legendary Entertainment, a motion picture making company just acquired the rights to Frank Herbert's most iconic novel ever, Dune. This happened because they want to create a motion picture about it.

As of right now it is unknown when exactly will come out, but a lot of other things are known. For instance, a full press release by Legendary was shared by Slash Film. It mainly talks about how Legendary acquired the Sci-Fi novel. 

According to the press release, the Film will be made for a global audience and will be produced by Thomas Tull and a few others. 

The basic Story of Dune sets itself in the future. It encircles around a person called Paul Atreides as well as his family as they were given control of a planet called Arrakis. Now Arrakis is considered a planet with a valuable resource.

It is also a very desert-like planet, hence the name Dune.

Jealousy sparks and the Paul family is betrayed. This causes the starting of the actual story where many things are explored such as politics, religion, nature, and rebellion. The plot of the story mainly involves Paul trying his hardest to take control of Arrakis again as a Noble family. 

The book was quite an interesting catch and offered a realistic environment even in a Science Fiction world. It is hoped that it will be a great movie as well. 

In fact, a movie was made on Dune once before in the late 19th Century. It received decent ratings for its time so one can say that Legendary has some competition now. 

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