Android Nougat 7.0 and Google Daydream comes to Moto Z and Z Force!

Android Nougat, or 7.0 is the recent and long awaited installment to most of the smart phones around the globe. It was recently released and the first person to get its hands on it was LG followed by Samsung. However, Motorla has it as well.

Motorola has been coming back to the market recently and they are coming in strong. About a month ago they mentioned that they will be getting their hands on Nougat and well, now they have. 

The Motorola Blog mentioned that within this week they are going to release the Nougat inside two of their new phones, the Moto Z and Moto Z Force. 

The two phones were presented and shown around and an honest eye would say that they are indeed smart phones that have the capability to remain strong in the market mainly because their features are up to date with technology.

However, that is not the full story. Phone Scoop mentioned that apart from Nougat being released on the phones, the phones will also be compatible with Daydream. 

Daydream is a very recent and new development by Google that encircles the concept of virtual reality! Virtual reality is where the world is slowly drifting to and many large companies are taking their share in it.

It is quite exciting that a new updated smart phone will be released which has the latest Android and is fully compatible with it. However it is even more exciting to realize that one will be able to fiddle around virtual reality using the phone. 

Of course there are also things called Moto Mods which adds specific modifications to one's Moto phone to not only make it unique but also makes it more personalized and much better. This modularity is seamless as well. 

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