Amazon Go: Could Cashier-Free Convenience Store Truly Be A Look Into The Future? [POLL]

Amazon is taking their technology one step further with a physical convenience store which eliminates lines, cashiers and check-out stand completely, providing a possible look at how things may be sometime in the distant future.

The company has unveiled the plans for this grocery store, and actually launched a location, calling it Amazon Go. The location, an 1800-sq. Ft. Space, is located in Seattle, and theoretically allows shoppers to just come in, grab the items they want, and leave, with the order charging to their Amazon accounts later on.

According to The Verge, the technology works by using computer vision and sensors to detect what items are being taken out of the store. The process begins when shoppers scan an app as they walk into the store, and do their shopping, with the sensors throughout the store identifying what is being put in the cart and charging it to the shoppers account as they walk out the door.

Among the items the store will stock are snacks, drinks, premade foods like salads and sandwiches, essentials like bread and milk, and meal kits that allow shoppers to cook dinners for two.

The store is currently only open in beta to Amazon employees, but a public opening is scheduled for early 2017.

The idea behind the store carries the benefit of no longer having to wait in lines for consumers, but also has benefits for Amazon which allows them to truly streamline the way they market certain items to their customers. Not only would using the service allow them to potentially track a consumer and their phone as they browse the store, but also check out their movements in the store as they shop. When combined with browsing activities on the traditional Amazon site, the company could better market the recommended products they suggest to consumers every time they're online.

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